Stefan Hamminga

Robotics Hardware Engineer. AI, Machine Learning Expert

Result-oriented, multidisciplinary Robotics and Artificial Intelligence services with a strong practical base.

Effective solutions for corporate clients

Growing ideas into successful products and enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams. A track record ranging from high performance coding for fintech and embedded firmware to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics products. Drafted awarded patents, secured investments of a million euros.

Clients include Government of the Netherlands (projects with world-wide media coverage, see Y Combinator and Below The Surface), top-ranked company in building materials CHR, a world leader in sustainable, innovative building solutions Kingspan.

Invented Scrobby — a disruptive and ahead-of-it's-time solar panel cleaning robot. Designed and hand-built multiple fully working prototypes integrating mechanics, electronics, and AI. The Scrobby demonstrated how cost effective robotics can be used to maintain clean energy systems without the cost or overhead of existing solutions. Obtained a patent and worldwide media coverage.

Founder of Robot Protos — an engineering and robotics prototyping company specializing in clean sheet designs of products and machinery tailored to a client's specific business needs.

Founder at P2P Systems — An electronic device that warns nearby co-workers in case one has fallen from an installation or is in any other danger, allowing companies to handle multiple jobs on one site with significantly less personnel.

Co-founder at Wall Robotics — designed and built by hand the mechanics, electronics and software for the Wall-R window cleaning robot. In just one year we took an idea to first sales.

Stefan Hamminga
Stefan Hamminga